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TMG Book Series

How To Get Great Dating Outcomes in a Modern World

Discover The New Rules for Relationships and Dating

Relationships are hard... especially for successful individuals. Achievers always want the best for themselves.

But why is that harder to apply when it comes to relationships?

Balancing your professional success with building a happy and fulfilling relationship is a real struggle.

You deserve to have professional success and love at the same time.

The good news is that you can have them both.

The rules of dating have changed since the world has evolved. Both men and women can be successful and powerful, and that changed the dynamics of relationships. The rules of relationships have become more complex because people are looking for fulfillment beyond basic physical or material needs. And it doesn't help that social media is constantly promoting the negatives of being a successful individual when it comes to relationships.

It's easy to look at the other person and point out what they do wrong. "Men are this way, and women are that way, and therefore love is impossible."

The solution is found in the TMG Book Series. Part One of this three part book focuses on how we got here, who you are, what you qualify for and how to get what you qualify for. As an Executive and Commercial Leader, Glenn has spent the previous two decades developing relationships in various industries. In his consultation, personal or relationship topics often arise. Glenn concluded there were some similarities with individuals that were experiencing professional success. The lack of relationship success is based on a lack of understanding between both parties. The when, why and how are discussed here: This is the TMG Book Series.


Since meaningful relationships and human connection are more difficult to achieve, the TMG Book Series focuses on helping you assess these essential aspects:

  • Identify WHO you are

  • Identify WHAT you want

  • Identify WHO you qualify for

  • Understand what, WHO YOU qualify for, wants from you

  • DO the work to get the results 

The problem is 100% within your control.  TMG Book Series is here to provide you hope to find balance in your relationships. No matter the challenges you face in your career and profession, you deserve a great relationship outcome. 

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